ArvinMeritor Improves Inspection Speed and Accuracy with Xplore Rugged Tablets

ArvinMeritor Improves Inspection Speed and Accuracy
ArvinMeritor is a motor vehicle components manufacturer based in Lyon, France. The company’s product portfolio includes integrated systems, modules and components for light vehicle, truck, trailer and specialty equipment OEMs, and the commercial aftermarket.

The Xplore tablets provided an ideal solution for the warehouse application, as they are engineered, 3rd-party tested, and warranted to military standards (MIL-STD-810F) for environmental extremes. ArvinMeritor uses the tablets primarily as forklift-mounted computers and are rarely removed from the forklift. The forklift operator views the work order schedules on the tablet, which is connected to the wireless local area network at the plant. The work order specifies either an axle transfer from the production line to the warehouse, or fulfillment of a customer order where the forklift transfers the required item from the outdoor warehouse to the dispatch truck. The system has improved efficiency by allowing the company access to real-time storage locations and inventory levels data.

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