VAPO Energy Truck Fleet Powered by Xplore Rugged Tablets with Electronic Delivery System

VAPO Energy Truck Fleet Powered by Xplore Rugged Tablets
Vapo Energy is the leading producer and distributor of bio fuels (such as environmental peat, wood fuels and pellets) in the Baltic Sea region. The major objective for the new system was the transfer from a paper-based solution, including proof-ofdelivery documents, to an electronic solution.

When the hardware requirements were discussed with the subcontractors, who are the primary users of computers in the peat trucks, it was determined that the selected hardware must work seamlessly with the software solution, and withstand extreme environmental conditions. In peat trucks temperatures vary greatly according to the seasons. Proper sealing against dust is required. When Vapo first chose Xplore’s ultra-rugged Tablet PC’s for its peat trucks, over 80 tablets were deployed mainly in the western and northern part of Finland. The company later installed another 200-plus tablets into their trucks.

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