Furtura's Procare Division Drastically Improves Manufacturing Customer Care

Futura Manufacturing Case StudyF5m Provides Ideal Mobile Computing Platform for ProTablet Mobile Office Solution. Rebranded the ProTablet and distributed to all of Futura’s customers as part of the standard converting equipment package, this durable 10” mobile computer from Xplore now serves as the all-in-one data and field-task system for work conducted on Futura-equipped paper production lines.

“The rugged ProTablet solution we built with Xplore has given our customers a very powerful mobile tool,” boasted Viani. “To start, the Windows-based tablet is compatible with their back-office systems as well as both legacy and future software applications, which minimizes the investment required to continually improve processes. It is also easy to use without a lot of training and comes standard with a host of data entry and connectivity options that are well-suited for their critical maintenance tasks. Most importantly, the ProTablet provides critical repair information ‘just in time’ and many powerful application utilities that boost technician speed, efficiency and accuracy, even on the ordinary jobs.”

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold